Annual Home Maintenance

Annual, Home, Maintenance

We have now officially entered the Spring season. Flowers starting to bloom, planning vacations, getting the outside cleaned up from the winter. Possibly moving into a new home. But did you ever think about the maintenance on the home all year round. This is true no matter where you live. For example, our office in Florida is catering to residents in Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater communities. In Maryland, the Baltimore area.

Your home needs attention all year long. And now is a great time to make a plan for every month and continue to follow this each month. For example, now maybe a great time to power wash the exterior and concrete because of the snow salt in north or the moss in the south. Cleaning the furnace and changing the filter, from the dust that has accumulated from the heat mode. In April, is a great time for cleaning the gutters and checking the eaves and roof for any possible deficiencies. This list can go on and is very simple to maintain. Some new home owners, we can assist in this for a very reasonable cost. We will create a plan for your home, provide an inspection later in the year to see the progress and if you have an area that needs attention but unable to maintain or inspect we can assist with that too. Always check our Twitter and Facebook accounts, as they may have home owner tips periodically too.

For more information, feel free to go to our website; or email us at; or feel free to call us 352-322-2700 or  888-295-9879

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About Emerald Inspection Service

Emerald Inspection Service, LLC, is the premier inspection service for West and Central Florida. An affordable and buyers choice licensed and insured home inspection company. We are licensed radon measurement technician with The Florida Department of Health. Additionally we are certified, for mold inspections, construction compliance inspections, wind mitigation inspection, air quality testing, log cabin inspections, 4 - Point Inspection, well water testing and Roof Certifications. Certified 203-K Consultant for HUD and FHA construction loans. We also offer other services as well. Check the services page to find out more. From the city condo to the country home, the mobile home, town-homes and commercial properties, we will inspect every property with the precise and thorough details of your home or business. On-site reporting delivered to your inbox once the inspection process is completed. Licensed Radon Measurement Technician, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Log Cabin Inspector. 844-RADON-40 (723-6640) or 352-322-2700

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