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Away From Home Inspections

First I wanted to let everyone know that I am near Tampa Florida and Hurricane Mathew had no affect on me. I got just a little rain. So today, I wanted to share about a type of inspection that people hardly have anymore. This type is for when people are away from their homes. So lets begin.

An away from home inspection is the type of inspection to give people that are traveling or part time residents piece of mind about their homes. This type of inspection is very economical and the owner of the property sets the standard. For example. Lets say you are away for work or vacation for 10 days. Emerald Inspection Service can visit the property once or twice and make sure that the home or condo is OK.  Some clients want us to just check the exterior to make sure that there is no broken glass, the landscaper has cut the grass on there scheduled day and to make sure there is no damage to the property.  A more extensive inspection would be for us to enter the property and make sure that the electrical system is operating normal. There were no leaks that occurred and that the HVAC system is operating.

A lot of people do not think about this type of inspection because they fear the cost. Or they may think, I just get a neighbor to keep an eye out. OK, our reply to this is 2 fold. One, the cost starts at $25.00 and second part is what if your neighbor gets sick or has to go out of town un-expectantly. Hiring a professional inspection firm is your best way to know that your property is being watched and you will have total piece of mind.  To inquire about this service or others we do, visit us on the web; or call us at 352-322-2700. We gladly perform these inspections in Land O Lakes, Lakeland, Tarpon Springs and Brooksville Florida all the time.

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