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Door Knob Hardware

I wanted to share with you something that came across us on an inspection about a week ago. Its about the door knob and a bit of preventive maintenance. So, lets begin.

While we were on an inspection in Lutz, Florida we noticed that the door knobs to the home was not engaging the key freely for the front door. Yes, we check the keys as part of the inspection process. When we further continued we noticed that the key was slightly bent and that the lock was aged.  So after documenting that the front door lock and key should be repaired or replaced the locksmith shows up.

The locksmith was there to replace all the exterior door locks do to the property being bank owned. When he was there I asked about any tips on the lock hardware. He basically told me that one, the locks should be lubricated about once every 4 months or so because of the pins and springs in the lock. This is what causes the locks to be tuff to enter the key. Additionally, it was stated that the keys that you get made at the big box stores are a different metal gauge then from the locksmith. Also, the locks with the combination keypad the batteries should be replaced every 6 months.

So from our expert we have now included recommendations and comments about lock hardware in our reports. Its funny that we have a simple device and yet never think that it too needs a bit of preventive maintenance.

In closing I personally want to thank everyone for the continuous support and followers from our blog. It was just about 4 years ago I had decided to follow thru for the training for home inspections. And glad I have.  So for more information about lock hardware or any other type of inspections that we perform in the Tampa, Brooksville, Lakeland or Clearwater Florida area, feel free to go to or call 352-322-2700. And lastly I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy July 4th Holiday.




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