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Radon & Radon Testing — Emerald Inspection Service, LLC

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This weeks blog is a must read. It entails about Radon. Radon is a major concern in Florida testing can be done quickly.  We are re-posting our blog about Radon. We have a house that will probably need a monitor soon. From May-September is the best time to get a radon test. Its the second deadliest killer next to cigarette smoke.  Also check out our website for more info as well.

via Radon & Radon Testing — Emerald Inspection Service, LLC

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Wanna share the story of how Emerald Inspection Service, LLC came to life. About this time 3 years ago, Emerald Inspection Service, LLC was born. Emerald Inspection Service was born in Columbia Maryland originally. In Maryland I was in class for education hours for home inspection. During this process it was an exhilarated course. 7 days a week 10 hours per day. During this time we had mock inspections, learning different mechanical systems, new technology in the homes and administrative and legal as well.  Once I completed the course and passed I was certified with American Home Inspectors Training Institute. However that was not licensing.  The next step was to take what I learned and prepare for my test. I found out that Maryland accepts the National Certification Of Home Inspectors test. This also allows me to work in other states as well without taking another state test. Different states may require additional education hours, such as Florida.  Once I passed the test, I was legally in business.

In February of 2014, I received my Florida Home Inspectors License. Now moving to Florida, I learned that Florida required about 40 more educational hours. Being the aggressor that I am. I enrolled in about 120 more hours. This giving full course credit from #AHIT. Since then, I have completed other courses as well to stay up on industry standards and license requirement.

Moving forward into our new year, Emerald Inspection Service has serviced over 200 clients in MD and FL. We provide certified floor consulting, 203k consulting, construction inspections for contractor or the home owner, and radon testing just to name a few. We offer warranty service with our inspections and this has expanded to termite warranty. Our normal service coverage area ranges from #Hernando to #Sarasota. And from #Clearwater to #Clermont Florida.

So in closing I would like to thank the clients and referral partners that have helped us get where we are today.  Alot of people have asked why then name Emerald Inspection Service? Well in short, the Emerald is the stone of prophecy. The stone can keep the worrier calm and bring to reason. So at Emerald Inspection Service, there is no reason to worry about your next property inspection service. Which is why our slogan, Quality Inspections With Clarity! Again, Thank You!

Working With The Realtor

Good Morning Everyone. Its been a bit since our last blog. But with vacation and family issues back north, I had to put off the blog for a bit. So this weeks blog is about working with the Realtor. Its important that the buyer, seller, home inspector, finance company, title company, pest contractor, and all other parties have a working relationship that helps the sale go smoothly. So lets begin.

Normally, the buyer agent will be a key person in the real estate transaction. That person will be managing appointments with several individuals. The process literally starts from the time the offer is accepted to the buyers being qualified. I know for a fact alot of Realtors will not even talk to you unless its a cash sale or you are already qualified by a lender. The term pre-qualified is really not qualified. They just look over your tax records and make sure you can afford a certain bracket.  Anyway, the home inspection, pest inspection and certain testing should be done all coordinated at one time. Certain home inspection companies can coordinate this. For example on our inspections we work closely with a pest company. We perform the pool inspection. We also can perform the well testing, radon monitoring and insurance inspections.

The seller agent also will take notice of how the transaction can go smoothly. For example, if they are alot of issues with the transaction, the seller may pull out of the deal. Mainly because the agent will know the house can be sold just not to that person. Also, agents are now looking for a one stop shop. If a home inspection company can take care of alot of the process instead of multiple people, this eases the stress on all parties.

So the next time somebody is about to purchase a home. Look at the steps that it takes from qualifying to closing. If you can combine the process in some of them, this will make it easier for everybody. We perform this style of inspections in Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Clearwater, and Hernando Florida all the time. For more information, visit our website: or call us anytime, 352-322-2700. Thank You.

New Toll Free Number

We did not post a blog last week due to some up to date filing and updating our systems. We have a new toll free number. 844-RADON40. or 844-723-6640. Please disregard our previous number for the system is outdated. Again our new toll free number is 844-RADON-40 or 844-723-6640.

Radon & Radon Testing

Radon, Home

A lot of people are asking what is Radon and how is Radon tested. So in this weeks blog,  I want to share about the history of Radon, why you should test for Radon and some of the standards by the Florida Department of Health.
Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas. Radon is a Class A carcinogen, and is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon comes from the radioactive breakdown of naturally occurring radium found in most Florida soils. As a gas in the soil, it enters buildings through small openings in the foundation. Since the building can hold the radon similarly to smoke trapped under a glass, indoor radon concentrations can increase to many times that of outdoor levels.
Radon is a chemical element with symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as an indirect decay product of uranium or thorium. Its most stable isotope has a half-life of 3.8 days. Radon is formed as one intermediate step in the normal radioactive decay chains through which thorium and uranium slowly decay into lead. Thorium and uranium are the two most common radioactive elements on earth; they have been around since the earth was formed. As radon itself decays, it produces new radioactive elements called decay products. Unlike the gaseous radon itself, the products are solids and stick to surfaces, such as dust particles in the air. If such contaminated dust is inhaled, these particles can stick to the airways of the lung and increase the risk of developing lung cancer. Unlike all the other intermediate elements in the aforementioned decay chains, radon is gaseous and easily inhaled. Thus, even in this age of nuclear reactors, naturally-occurring radon is responsible for the majority of the public exposure to ionizing radiation. Despite its short lifetime, some radon gas from natural sources can accumulate to far higher than normal concentrations in buildings, especially in low areas such as basements and crawl spaces due to its heavy nature. It can also be found in well and spring waters.
Radon testing can only performed by a Licensed Florida Department of Health, Measurement Technician. At Emerald Inspection Service, we are properly licensed for this service. This type of inspection takes approximately 3 days to monitor radon in the home in a closed environment. The results are sent to a certified licensed lab for radon. A Radon Specialist will read the findings and determine the radon levels. If the findings are above 4 pico curries the home may need to have a radon mitigation system installed. When we test for Radon, we make sure that all the windows and doors are closed, as this may affect the test. Also, if the test results come back over 10 pico curries we always recommend a second short term test. If the test results are under 10 but over 4 pico curries sometimes a long term test is recommended. It’s always best to have your home tested for Radon. Normally this occurs during a real-estate transaction. However, if you have not had your home tested it may be a good idea. For business and schools, they have to test as well. For example, after remodeling a business and every 5 years for schools.
In closing, during the winter months in Florida we get to air the home with our windows and doors being opened. But during the rest of the year we are in A/C mode. Spring and late summer is usually the best time to test. The home is closed for most of the time, because of A/C mode. So for testing in Polk City, Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota scheduling is normally about a week notice. For more information feel free to go to our website or the Florida Department of Health website about Radon. We have a link on our website on the Radon page.

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