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Floor Inspections and Consulting

This weeks blog is about floor inspections and what a flooring consultant does. There is a difference between a floor inspector and a floor consultant. They both perform similar activities and this blog will educate on the difference.

So lets begin with a floor inspection. We all have or had carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood floor products installed in our home. Carpet there is many types of manufactures but are made with similarities’. Laminate flooring has gotten popular over the years and is easy to maintain. Just as such as pre-finished wood products. Of course we are all used to the hardwood floors from grandma back in the day. However, you may not know that products being mass produced may have flaws in the product and may not be caught by quality control from the manufacture. So what happens if there are flaws in the product. What happens to the consumer that if there is an installation issue. And believe it or not there is tolerances and variances allowed by ANSI. With all that you may think, is it worth the hassles.

Well first there are tolerances and variances that is acceptable from ANSI. However, these are so small or unknown that the product to the naked eye will not show. Just like a carpenter installing crown molding. There maybe slight uneven-ness but a true tradesman will not let it show. The same goes with floor products. However, a lot of times there are issues with a product and installation. On the installation of a product any consumer knows if its a good install or bad. They may have questions and not know everything about the product and rely on the installer to further educate them. But remember as a consumer if you are not happy with the job, tell the crew to stop. Whether its the performance of the install or the product itself. You may see flaws of a product and not happy with it. If this is the case a floor inspector or consultant will help with this problem.

An inspector or consultant is trained to perform inspections of this nature. This type of inspection is not the same as a home inspector. This type of person is probably certified from an agency. I, George K. Swatzbaugh III, am Nationally Certified thru IFCI. The inspector will come out to the job site and search for deficiencies in the product. However, there is a great deal of research in this inspection. The inspector has to know the tolerances of the product. Also, has an understanding of how the product is installed. Additionally, their report writing tells a story to anyone from start to finish on the where the product is installed and what the deficiencies are. Lastly, the floor product maybe within standards but the installer did not perform the install correctly.  Or there maybe a issue of the product and has to report it back to the manufacture.

The difference between the floor inspector and a floor consultant is similar. They both perform the same work. However, the inspector will have a commissioning agent who they report back too. A floor consultant will work directly for the end user or known as the home owner. Both titles mean just about the same. A certified inspector or consultant will be able to be an expert witness if need be.

For more information about this topic, go to or call us anytime at 352-322-2700. We will perform inspections of this type nationally. However, we typically stay in the Tampa, Lakeland, Ocala and Clearwater Florida areas.

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Floor installation not installed correctly

Floor and Rug Inspections

Rug Inspector

This weeks blog is about floor and rug inspections. This type of inspection process is a different entity then a home inspection or other ancillary services we provide.  I just completed a certification course with the Institute of Floor Covering Inspectors ( #IFCII) in Atlanta, Georgia. This type of certification is normally wanted by the “end user” or “commissioning party”. And this blog will tell you more about this type of inspection and how to utilize the report.

At IFCII, we were the first class to graduate in June 2015. The class was sponsored by IFCII, Quest Inspect and Inspect Solutions. Together the inspectors that taught the class bring over 100 years of experience from the trade. The information gathered and presented can not be duplicated and was the best I have seen in a hands on inspection class.

So, you may ask, what is a Rug and Hard Surface Inspector? Basically, these type of inspectors are to provide an inspection that will determine if a product is fault from a manufacture, an installer, the distributor or the consumer. Varies claims may come in such as the carpet is shadowing, the carpet when vacuumed goes in different directions, the patterns on a pattern carpet are mis matched or there is fuzzing from the carpet. Additionally, with laminate floors, engineered flooring and hardwood flooring complaints or claims may arise. For example, the floor buckled, there is delamination in the laminate flooring, the seams are gaped, or maybe the floor shrunk in a wood product.  Additionally, these type of inspectors can inspect for moisture in the concrete which may cause a floor product to fail.

The certification process for an inspector is very technical and the inspector should be certified. A home inspector that is certified for home inspections is not certified to perform this type of inspection unless they have a specific certification for Rug and Hard Surface.  At Emerald Inspection Service, LLC we are awaiting certification. All of our tests and inspections have been submitted. (The process takes about 30 days from this blog date)

At Emerald Inspection Service, LLC  we have a dedicated department just for Rug & Hard Surface inspections. We are members of, IFCII, WFCA, Floor Reports, and NICFI. Please email this department anytime at: or feel free to call us anytime at; 352-322-2700 for more information.

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