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Mobile Home Inspections

Well I know its been a while since our last blog. Some family travel and work. So today I wanted to blog about Mobile Home Inspections. And the key point that should be known if you plan on buying one. So lets begin.

A mobile home inspection is similar to a regular home inspection. There are some differences though. For example, they do not have a foundation, they sit on blocks. They normally have a heat pump or an air conditioner with auxiliary heat. And a lot of times the piping for the plumbing maybe PEX instead of CPVC.  Now I am going to get into abit of technical below of what is good and bad and should be upgraded.

Mobile homes have straps to hold the home down incase of bad storms, especially in Florida. The concrete block should be in a shoe or resting on a plate. Older homes will not. The biggest key to the blocks is making shore they do not crack. If cracking is involved in the block then there is some kind of movement. The HVAC system hardly ever has an air handler unit. Its normally one unit outside. Its very important to keep these maintained. The heater part is 3 coils like a toaster with a small fan. The air conditioner part has coils and need to be cleaned to improve air flow.  And now the piping. Years ago manufactures where using polyethylene style pipe. The fittings were faulty and would blow apart. Now not all gray pipe is this style. A newer system has come out and is PEX. The key component to this is making sure the fittings are proper.

Additionally, for a mobile home you may want to consider adding a salt treatment for the water and probably some kind of purification system.  Your roof if it is metal you will want to keep clean and remove debris. You want your inspector to inspect the crawl space fully! And lastly the major difference between a mobile home and a slab style home is the data tag. This is the vin number of the home or side. If it is a double, you have 2. Key reference point to any mobile home inspection.

For more information about mobile home inspections or any other type, feel free to call our office anytime at 352-322-2700. Look us up on the web at www.emeraldinspectionservice.com

We will glad to perform this type of inspection and several others in Mulberry, Hernando, Clearwater and Land O Lakes Florida anytime. Thank You.



Modular Home Inspections

This blog this week is about, manufactured, modular or mobile home inspections and what they entail. So lets start off about the difference between the three,  (3).  Down here in #Florida, there is a big controversy of the name. For the norm, buyers call them mobile homes. However, a modular home is similar but in many ways different. Manufactured homes still come on the truck but no landing gear. Additionally the inspection process is majorly different. Last week, we were asked by an insurance company if we were certified in modular home inspections. Below you will learn the difference and also how the inspection process is different but some elements are the same because it is a residence.

Lets begin, with Modular Home Inspections. A modular home is a home that is constructed in a factory, brought by truck with or with out landing gear and placed on your site.  The modular home sometimes can be categorized as a single wide. Which means about 14’0 in width and the length will vary upon manufactures. There can be double and triples to this entity but the key point is that a modular home has the landing gear, it may had been removed to set in place on the concrete pillars. Some homes are approved by HUD but need to be verified. A true certified home inspector will determining this when funding is an issue.

Now, lets talk about the manufactured home, The manufactured home is brought by truck. however, no landing gear. These homes are approved by HUD, the reason being is that the standards for this type of home even if in sections,  has a HUD tag on the home. Normally the landing gear is removed to set the home and you have a “marriage wall” that joins the part a to part b and so on. Also, these homes have upgraded insulation as you will find in a stick built home on foundations in communities such as #Wesley Chapel, or #Dade City.

Then we have the #mobile home. A mobile home is basically the fifth wheel that the owner placed permanent on a site. They enclosed the tongue of the fifth wheel and made that area decorative. This type of home is a trailer on wheels and still has a tag like a registration of your car or truck. These homes are normally upgraded minimally and the buyer should look at the front of the home if they see a triangle of the area.

Now that we covered the differences, you may ask how the inspection process is similar and different. First of all, all homes have the exterior, grounds, roof, plumbing, electrical, crawl space, HVAC, and major rooms such as kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas. These areas with our software are inspected the same as any type of home. However, when inspecting the different types, the trained inspector will know what type of home the buyer is purchasing, the difference of weather its a mobile, manufactured or modular.  Keep in mind, we perform these inspections all over Florida. But these type of homes are normally in Zephyrhills, Clearwater, Saint Petersburg, and Sumter Florida.

AT, Emerald Inspection Service, LLC we are specifically certified and trained on all aspects of a home inspection and the different types. For more information go to; http://www.emeraldinspectionservice.com or contact us directly via email or phone. info@emeraldinspectionservice.com or 352-322-2700.

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George Swatzbaugh

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